Frequently Asked Questions

How does MDReview ensure the highest quality of each peer review?
After selecting only those physicians and mid-level providers who are able to meet our high standards, we train them in the MDReview methods to ensure all written reports are thorough yet concise, and reach clear, well-supported conclusions. Our reports reflect the highest degree of integrity because all of our physician reviewers follow a fair and objective process, with reports written in a consistent format created by MDReview. We evaluate our physician reviewers after each engagement to ensure that the end product meets the highest standards. It’s an organic, ongoing process that is critical to our mission to provide uncompromising peer review.

Does MDReview meet the 21- and 10-day deadlines?
MDReview is passionate about meeting every deadline. Ensuring the timely delivery of every peer review is a primary focus of our project management team.

Do you share the names and CVs of the physician reviewers?
Yes. When a peer review is requested, MDReview will recommend a physician or mid-level provider reviewer within the appropriate specialty and with the right skills, training and experience. MDReview shares the name and CV of the recommended reviewer with the hospital and gains approval from the hospital before proceeding with the review.

Are your reviewers all Board Certified?
Yes, but that’s just the beginning. Physicians and mid-level providers are invited to join the MDReview team only if highly recommended by someone we know and trust – usually an existing review team member. You can rest assured that MDReview physicians and mid-level providers are of the highest caliber.

Are any non-physicians ever involved in the peer review process?
Absolutely not. MDReview never puts another person between the physician reviewer and the medical record. It is of paramount importance that no information be filtered or screened and that the reviewer receives the medical record in its entirety.

How is the MDReview pricing structured?
Our fixed schedule allows the hospital to know all costs up front and not be at the mercy of hourly billing. Time and again our clients tell us how much they appreciate the value of what we do and our pricing approach. Our objective is to keep MDReview as simple and easy to engage as possible.